Friday, July 12, 2013

Random Acts

I am so behind on blogging (stay tuned for a lot of new posts) but I wanted to share this story that happened two Sundays ago.

Brett and I were on our way to church Sunday morning and when we finally made our way down to the subway, the screen read 20 minutes until the next train.  Ugh.  We could not wait 20 minutes because we would be really late!  So we decided to take our chances with the bus, even though the one we needed had just left as we were walking to the subway.  I started to complain about public transportation and how much easier it would be to be on time if the city ran more smoothly or if we were back in Texas with our car.  My sweet husband was quick to point out that it was beyond our control and we should not worry about these little details.  We waited at the bus stop where a little old lady happened to be sitting.  She was probably in her 80s.  Piper, of course, started smiling at her and entertaining her and the lady engaged us in some small talk.  I told her about the 20 minute wait and she was waiting on the same bus as us.  She had been waiting a while and asked us where we were going.  All of the sudden she walked out in the street and hailed a cab and said "Come on get in.  I'll get us to 82nd street and then you can take the cab to 97th."  We were so surprised and decided to take her up on it because we were so late. ( Cabs are a bit of luxury for us and usually only used for airport trips when we bring along half of our belongings!)  On the cab ride I was thinking how nice it was for her to pay for us till 82nd street.  I figured that meant we still have to pay for 15 blocks which was going to be around $10.  She even told the cab driver to stay on the street we would need to be let out on and she would just walk one avenue over.  When we started to protest she insisted saying her doctor told her she needed to walk more.  Then when the cab driver stopped to let her out she reached back and handed Brett a 20 dollar bill saying, "This is for the baby."  Then she got out of the cab and started walking down the street.  We of course thanked her quickly but she has no idea how she made us feel.  Random acts of kindness are rare in this city and she showed love so simply to two lonely Texans and it meant so much.  It immediately made me repent of my complaining about the city and humbled my attitude.  If the subway had not been delayed we would never have met such a kind old woman that blessed our whole day and filled our hearts with the knowledge that their are nice people in NYC.

Because I was told that every post needs some pictures......


  1. What a cool story! I'm pretty sure you and the older lady both made each other's day.

  2. Wow! That was so sweet of her!

    Piper is too cute!

  3. That is so awesome!! Can't wait to hear how you pay it forward!! Love you!