Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rinn comes to visit

Rinn is one of my oldest, closest, cherished friends.  When I was pregnant she wanted to help throw me a baby shower or get a really cool gift.  I told her I would rather her fly to see us in New York instead, so that is just what she did.  All the way from LA!!  She arrived on Wednesday evening March 20th, and she came bearing gifts.  She brought a big stuffed elephant for Piper (which she loved) and a deck of cards that had Piper's picture on them for Brett and me.  She's the greatest! 
That night we trekked over to the East Village to eat at a Mexican restaurant with her friend Vanessa who also lives here.  On Thursday morning we went out to the Times Square area to stand in line for cheaper Broadway tickets.  The line to see "Once" was way too long so we decided to try for Jersey Boys instead.  We were able to get tickets for only $27 a piece, such a great deal.  I'm glad I had Rinn to show me the ropes on how to get a good deal on tickets.  Oh, did I mention it was freezing cold outside while we waited in line and it started to snow!  After that we came back to get ready and then went shopping in our neighborhood.  That night, after dinner, we went to see Jersey Boys.  We both thought it was really great and we would highly recommend it!  Friday morning Rinn watched Piper while I had to run up to my future work place and turn something in.  Then we met Brett for lunch in Times Square at a Thai food restaurant.  After lunch we made our way over to Rockefeller Center and visited a few stores.  Then we made our way down Fifth Avenue and went into FAO Schwartz.  We decided to walk home from there and grabbed a movie on the way home.  That night we relaxed and watched movies.  Rinn and I went out and brought back dinner from Shake Shack, yum!  On Saturday morning Brett offered to watch Piper while we went out on our own.  We went to lots of different stores and found some good buys.  We had lunch at Cilantro's (my new favorite Mexican food restaurant) and then headed back home.  We decided we wanted to try and see another Broadway show on Saturday night.  We went down to Times Square late that afternoon to try and get lottery tickets to Newsies.  They were actually giving tickets away for free because it was their 20 year anniversary.  Sadly, our names did not get drawn so we headed back home.  Since we couldn't sit at home on a Saturday night we went to see Oz the Great and Powerful (the movie).  We came home and stayed up way too late beating Brett in Nertz.  Sunday morning we helped Rinn get on the right subway to go to the airport.  It was really sad to say goodbye to such a special friend but I am so so glad she was able to come and spend time with us in our new home. 

 In front of the ice rink at Rockefeller Center
 Headed out to see Jersey Boys
Waiting for the show to start

 The Piano at FAO Schwartz
 Rinn on the bus after shopping