Saturday, June 22, 2013

8 Months and 9 months

Piper turned 8 months on May 7th.  It is getting harder to keep her still for a picture! 

-You are officially on the move!  One night you saw a toy across the room and went after it. 
-You are pulling up on anything you can find and cruising on the furniture.  You prefer to be standing or cruising over crawling.  Usually the crawling is used to get somewhere where you can pull up.
-Your favorite activity is to hold our hands and walk around the apartment.  You prefer to do this with your Daddy.
-You are starting to babble more and your favorite word is Dada.  Although, we are pretty sure you don't know what you are saying.
-Anytime I have my glasses on you think it's a fun game for you.  You love to pull them off of my head and play with them.
-You love to play with my hair, especially when you are being held or rocked.  I think this is so sweet.
-Speaking of playing with hair, you like to grab other people's hair as well.  The other day on the bus you grabbed the hair of the lady in front of us!  It was a little awkward!
-We started you in swimming lessons and you have done great!  You love to splash and kick in the water and don't protest when we put you under.
-You are such a great eater!  Anytime we have food of our own you want some of it.  You have been eating more food off of our plates than anything else.  You love to eat meat and you have not spit anything out up to this point.

We are loving every minute with our Piper Girl and it is such a joy to watch you discover new things!

9 Months

9 Month Stats
Weight: 19pounds 7 ounces (70th Percentile)
Length: 27 inches (50th Percentile)
Head: 18 inches (90th Percentile- Yikes!)

-You LOVE to give kisses.  You give them to us, some people at church, your stuffed animals and to the characters in your books.  It's so sweet!
-You are trying to learn how to give zerberts.  Right now you just open your mouth and make a sound instead of blowing.  You think this is really funny.  We end up with a lot of wet faces/arms/legs around here!
-You went on your first family vacation this month to Chicago and Indiana and you did great!
-You are little miss social.  You love to be out around people and especially other kids.
-You like to sit and entertain people- especially on the subway.  The other day you had everyone (and I mean everyone) staring at you and trying to get you to smile or laugh.  It cracks us up when the big tough guy sitting across from us starts playing peek-a-boo and making funny noises to get you to smile. Sometimes you will stare at people and smile until the look at you.  This can be a little awkward.  
-You love to crawl up the 2 steps in our living room and are perfecting this skill quite well.
-You are still a very good eater and you eat whatever we are eating.  In fact, we can't eat in front of you without giving you a bite of what we are having.
-You were sick for the first time the last day of our Chicago trip.  You either had a stomach bug or food poisoning.
-You are starting to clap, especially when you get excited.
-You will wave bye-bye sometimes.  Still have not mastered this yet.
-You will sometimes say the "woof" sound when we ask you what a dog says or when you hear a dog bark.  It comes out more like "uffff".
-Your absolute most favorite thing to do is read books.  We could read to you for an hour straight I am certain and you would still want more.  You sit in our lap and actually look at the book and pay attention.  We are getting a little tired of the current books.......

I am not sure how you came to be 9 months already but this is such a fun age and we can't get enough of you Sweet P!

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  1. I know what ya mean!! We were just trying to get pictures of Archer and he WON'T stay still!!! lol