Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big Apple Visitors

I thought it would be fun to chronicle all the friends and family that come to visit us while we are here in New York City! Here is everyone so far.

Stacey Blackwell
November 2012
 An oldie but goodie. :)  Stacey was here for a work conference and stopped by for a visit!  She was our very first visitor!

Rick and Donna Work and John and Donna Wilbanks
November 2012
Two sweet couples that were involved in our class at The Hills.  They were kind enough to take us out to dinner!  We then went to church with them the next Sunday at Everyday Christian.

Amy Tyler
December 2012
Amy (Brett's cousin) was in NYC with her friend and took Piper and I out to lunch!

Zack and Heather Thomas
December 2012
They came to NYC on a vacation and stopped by to say hi.  My mom babysits for their little girl and Zack's sister is my great friend Erica.

Mark & Tara Rich, and baby Madelyn
 January 2013
Special, sweet friends from TX.  Mark had work meetings in NYC so Tara and Madelyn came along and we hung out- in the apartment since it was FREEZING outside!  (Madelyn and Piper are only 3 weeks apart)

Mom & Dad
February 2013
Came for several days! 

Billy & Paula
 March 2013
Also came for several days!

Anna Bukiel
March 2013
A foreign exchange student from Poland on her spring break!

Rinn Dow
March 2013
She came to visit for my "baby shower hostess" substitute gift (per my request)

There are several more still to come and we can't wait!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

6 Months

Even though Piper is closer to 7 months at this point, I still wanted to post so we can keep up with her changes!  Thanks for being patient with me!

6 month stats:
Weight: 16 lbs. 13 oz (75th percentile)
Height: 25 1/2 inches (50th percentile)

-You can sit up for short periods of time all by yourself but we still like to keep the boppy or pillows behind you.

-You are cutting your top teeth (well just tooth).

-You absolutely love bath time and like to kick your legs in the water.

-You are squealing and giggling all the time.

-We started you on solid foods and you love all of them so far. You started with sweet potatoes. (Much to my surprise they were purple on the inside!  They are a new breed, and totally safe, we think).

-You love to reach out and grab toys and pull them towards you when you are sitting up.

-You are napping 3 times a day and still mostly sleeping through the night but I think you have some serious teeth coming through because you have been waking up several nights in a row.

-You love to laugh and talk to other little kids.  This is so cute to watch!

-You love to look in the mirror at yourself.

-You absolutely love all stuffed animals.  You smile and laugh at them especially when we make them talk.