Friday, July 26, 2013

10 months

Piper turned 10 months old on July 7th.  She is so much fun and keeps us busy and entertained.

-You love dogs and like to say "Wuff" when you see them.
-You still love to read books and you are into playing with them by yourself and turning the pages.
-You love it when we sing songs to you, it always produces a smile.
-You are cruising more and more and love to push your walker toy.
-You are staring to say uh-oh.
-You say "mmmm" after you eat something very tasty.
-You now have 8 teeth.
-You sometimes say "yea" when you clap.
-You are becoming a little more picky with what you like to eat.  You will not eat avocados but you love guacamole.
-You are expressing yourself very notably these days when we take you away from something you shouldn't be playing with or make you do something you don't want to.
You are growing and learning so fast we just can't believe it!  Where did our baby go?? 

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