Sunday, July 14, 2013

Erica and Jack come to visit

We have been so blessed by people coming to visit and in April one of my favorite people, Erica came to stay with us.  She brought along her sweet 10 month old, Jack.  We had a great time!

They flew in on a Tuesday and were supposed to arrive in the afternoon but their plane was delayed for so long that they didn't arrive until 8:00 that night!  They walked in exhausted and hungry but we were ready for them with dinner and a bed for Jack!  After we put the kids to bed Erica and I stayed up talking, of course!  Jack and Piper got along great!  They are both so easy going and had fun playing together but I think Jack was a little confused at why Piper was always laughing at him.  She just loves other kids!  We were able to borrow a stroller from my friend Sara for Jack and on Wednesday we walked around the Upper West Side and previewed places to eat.  Then we went to Central Park and sat in Strawberry Fields (Beatles anyone?) and gave the kids some snacks.  We then met up my friend Katie (from Ft. Worth) for lunch.  She was here shortly on a business trip and wanted to meet see us.  We ate at a great Asian/Sushi restaurant called Tenzan.  The weather was a little cool but we still ate outside.  We said goodbye to Katie and went back to the apartment so the babies could take their naps.  We talked some more, our favorite pastime, and figured out what to make for dinner and what to do the next day. Then we took a long walk in Central Park with the kiddos in tow.  On Thursday we hiked down to Chelsea market to shop around and find a cool place for lunch.  It was not at all what we were expecting.  We thought it was a big open market with tons of food options and people selling food all over the place.  Turns out it's a big warehouse with a few individual restaurants (expensive restaurants) and stores.  We still had fun but I probably won't go back unless someone requests it.  A place I did love was the restaurant we ate lunch at in Chelsea.  It was called The Park because they had built the restaurant around trees so you felt like you were eating outside.  We shared a delicious pizza that had a meat called sopressata.  It was a cross between pepperoni and canadian bacon and it was glorious!  We then went back home for naps and playtime.  After dinner that night and bedtime for the kids, we left Brett at home and went to look in a few shops and grab dessert.  We looked around for a yummy treat and ended up at Magnolia Bakery where we ordered their mini cheesecakes.  It was a good decision!  The next morning Erica and Jack had to leave around 11 but we went to a store to buy her kids at home some souvenirs and return the stroller to Sara.  We had so much fun with Erica and Jack and hope it's not the last of their visits!  Here are some pics of our fun times!


  1. Sopressata?? Gotta check that out.

  2. HEB Plus carries lots of "exotic" (ha!) stuff and they don't even have it. The pizza was sopressata and goat cheese! It was delish!! It reminded me of a prosciutto of even a really thin pancetta. If you find it anywhere let me know!! We had a GREAT trip. I can't wait for the babies to get a little older and we can go out sans kids!!!