Thursday, April 4, 2013

My parents come to visit

My parents came to visit on February 2nd.  It was so cold while they were here!  We really enjoyed their visit.  Here is a tale of the fun we had.

They flew in on a Saturday afternoon and when they arrived at our apartment we caught up and of course played with Piper.  I had made dinner so we ate and then they insisted that Brett and I go out on a date.  It took us 2 seconds to agree to that plan.  Brett and I went to movie and then dessert at Cafe Lalo (the same cafe in You've Got Mail, where Meg Ryan waits for her online love interest that is Tom Hanks).  On Sunday we took them to church and introduced them to riding the subway for the first time.  By the end of their trip they were pros!  After church we walked around a bit and had lunch at Shake Shack.  It's a delicious burger joint with amazing shakes/concretes.  After we put Piper down for a nap at home, Mom and I went shopping in our neighborhood.  We visited Food Emporium (a super expensive but convenient grocery store), Century 21 (a name brand discount retail store) and bought a few warm weather items from a street vendor (very New York).  The Superbowl was on that night so Mom helped me make homemade pizza and we watched the game.  On Monday we made reservations for the World Trade Center Memorial.  We met Brett in the subway at Times Square and then toured the memorial.  The fountains were very moving and beautiful.  I will say that it was absolutely freezing though so we didn't linger too long.  After that I took Mom and Dad for a quick tour around Times Square.  It was still really cold and that area makes me a little nervous because there are so many people and you really have to keep track of your wallet.  That night I took Mom to Trader Joe's to show her what all the fuss is about.  I think she really liked it!  On Tuesday morning Mom and Dad woke up very early and stood in line to get standby tickets for Live with Kelly and Michael (it is only 2 blocks from our apartment).  They were able to be in the audience and they had so much fun!  I don't remember what famous people were on the show but Kelly and Michael are famous enough, right?  After their fun morning we grabbed a famous NY hotdog from a street vendor and took the subway to the world's largest Macy's.  We shopped around for awhile and then headed back.  The Empire State Building is close by Macy's so they were able to see that even though we didn't go up to the top.  That night Brett and I went out again to a fancy dinner at Dovetail and to see another movie.  We sure enjoyed taking advantage of the free babysitting!  My parents flew out Wednesday morning after a slightly tearful goodbye.  Thanks for the fun memories Mom and Dad!

Outside of Cafe Lalo.  It was snowing!

Brett's fancy hot chocolate and my coffee
(I forgot to take a picture of our dessert but we think we ordered the wrong thing because it was just okay)
The new World Trade Center

The Memorial site
One of two memorials where the old buildings were.  It was very moving.
All of the names of the victims are listed around the fountains.

Shake Shack

Mom and Dad standing in line at the Kelly and Michael Show.  That's the producer, Gelman.
Mom so graciously offered to sew buttons on Brett's coat
Saying goodbye, much too soon.

We had fun!  We hope you come again soon, when it's much warmer!!!

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  1. Ohhhh, thanks much for having us. We loved every minute of it. I would love to visit again soon. About one of the beautiful pictures of me! When you are # 4 in the bathroom getting ready and your daughter ask who would like to rock Piper, this grandma stops everything and jumps at the opportunity. Love her so much!!!