Saturday, April 13, 2013

The East Village

A few weekends ago we went with our friends Stephen and Sara and their little girl Anna to check out the East Village in lower, east Manhattan.  It is interesting to see how each little part of the city is very different in culture. We toured some "hot spots", if they weren't closed or out of business (which is fairly common).  Here are a few highlights.

Posing by Tompkins Square Park
A church that I forgot the name of.
 The final stop of our trip was Katz's Deli.  This was the restaurant in a famous scene in "When Harry Met Sally"  It was delicious.

 Piper slept during lunch
 Delicious potato pancakes and our sandwiches that were HUGE!
 We took home plenty of leftovers!
We also stopped by an indoor/outdoor flea market that has been featured on HGTV and a cute but expensive home goods store.  We had a toy store and ice cream shop on the list but those didn't work out for various reasons.  On the way back home, as we were about to get on the subway, we noticed a car that was fairly empty.  So, of course we rushed to get on that car since the others were packed and we had two strollers in tow.  We quickly realized why it was empty.  The smell hit us about 5 seconds too late and the doors closed before we could change our mind.  We guessed it was coming from the homeless man sitting in the back.  I felt bad for Piper because it's not like she knows how to breathe through her mouth so she just had to endure it.  We got out and changed cars immediately at the next stop.  It was kind of funny to watch various passengers make the same mistake as us.  Lesson learned!

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