Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brett's parents come to visit

Billy and Paula came to visit on March 1st.  We had so much fun!  Here's what happened while they were here.

They flew in on a Friday and arrived just after lunch.  We caught up and ate lunch and showed them all of Piper's new tricks.  Then we walked around our neighborhood and made our way to Trader Joe's.  This was convenient because I grabbed a few groceries I needed.  I made dinner that night and then Brett, Billy and I walked to get dessert to-go at Magnolia Bakery.  They have delicious banana pudding. Yum!  The next morning we decided to feed Piper real food for the first time.  She had her very first taste of sweet potatoes.  They were purple sweet potatoes, which completely shocked me but Paula said they were a certain breed and perfectly healthy.  It sure did make for some interesting pictures!  We then rode the subway to see the World Trade Center Memorials.  We were there early so we grabbed some lunch at a New York deli.  It was so cold when we were at the memorial and we could see snow flurries.  Needless to say we didn't hang around too long!  Then we went back to our side of the island and Billy and Paula went shopping in our neighborhood.  When they came back they suggested we go out on a date.  We gladly accepted the request and ventured to New Jersey to Wal-Mart so I could get a new iPhone for cheaper than normal.  That trip was a big mess, and took forever but at least we were able to get out by ourselves!  Piper really enjoyed hanging out with her Mimi and Papa! 
We went to church the next morning and ate at Cafe Frida for lunch where we had a yummy mexican brunch.  That afternoon Paula and I did a little shopping and ended up getting new, iPhone cases for free from a street vendor.  I think it had something to do with Paula's cute hat!  After we came back, Billy, Brett and Paula went to Times Square and visited Brett's office.  They were able to see where he works, right in the thick of it all!  We enjoyed pizza that night from Patsy's and more dessert from Magnolia Bakery.  Delivery courtesy of Billy and Brett.  On Monday morning Billy and Paula packed up and rode off to the airport in a cab after promises to return in May.
We had a great time and look forward to much warmer visits!  Here are some pictures of our adventures.

Standing outside Food Emporium

Magnolia Bakery

"The Shop Around the Corner" in 'You've Got Mail' that is now a dry cleaners.
Eating purple sweet potatoes for the first time
We found a subway car that was completely empty.  It was very eery but nice to have it all to ourselves!

WTC Memorial fountain
Waiting for the subway on Sunday morning
Paula's cute hat that got us our free iPhone cases! :)

Brett at his workspace, looking very official
Come back soon!

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  1. Love all the pictures and Paula in her cute hat. Next time do you think someone might bring me one of those cupcakes from magnolia Bakery? Piper girl may like to try a little bite.