Thursday, August 8, 2013

11 Months

How can this little baby be 11 months?!  I cannot believe it!

-You have learned to clap your hands and say "Yea."
-You also like to raise your hands up in the air after clapping.  We are not sure what this means but Gammy (my mom) likes to say, it means "Hallelujah!"
-You have started dancing and you will dance to anything- even while reading books and while rocking to sleep.
-You say "uh-oh" about 100 times a day.
-You are taking steps!  Your first step was July 8th (one day after 10 months) then you took about 3 steps on July 16th in front of the whole family in TX.  You only take steps when you don't realize what you are doing.  Once you build up your confidence you'll be off but I am guessing that's a ways down the road.
-You are in to everything.  You open up all cabinets and drawers and pull out anything you can find.  This makes for lots of messes for us to clean up but it keeps you occupied!
-You still love to swim!
-You love all babies and stuffed animals and these past few days, you carry a baby with you everywhere!
-Your favorite game is "I'm gonna get you".  You will squeal if we say that and try to get away as fast as possible.
-You can go up and down the two steps in our living room.  Yay!
-You crawled all the way up Mimi and Papa's stairs without hesitation.  We didn't let you try to go down them.

What a joy you are to us!  It is so fun to watch you explore this world.

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