Thursday, January 17, 2013

Just a flesh wound

Warning: This post contains graphic images that may or may not contain blood.  Read at your own risk
The first Monday we were back in New York after Christmas vacation I experienced my first minor emergency.  It was about 9:15am and Brett had left around 9 for his first day back at work after two weeks off.  I was just getting around to fixing myself breakfast and was slicing into a bagel.  I suddenly realized that I had sliced a little too haphazardly and cut into the top of my left ring finger, pretty deeply I might add.  I ran to the sink to wash off the blood (that would not stop pouring out) and to catch my breath from the pain.  I knew I probably needed stitches but was unsure what my next move should be.  Brett was surely on the subway, without a cell phone signal and there was no way I was going to have him come home after being off for so long.  My one friend in the city who lives a block away happened to have a doctors appointment that morning so I could not call her either.  Piper offered no suggestions as she happily smiled from her playmat in the living room.  I decided to call my friend Sally and she suggested I find the closest urgent care and go there.  So, I wrapped up my finger as best I could with some stray gauze and packing tape, threw on clothes and loaded up Piper in the Moby and off we went.  It was only 4 blocks and 1 avenue away so we just walked.  The staff there was really nice and they were able to see me right away.  Luckily, the doctor said I could have Dermabond instead of stitches since the cut was on my fingertip.  So, I was proud of myself for surviving my first minor emergency in New York by myself and not freaking out.  Although now my loving husband is afraid to leave me alone with sharp objects. :)

My makeshift bandage.  Just a little blood.

Piper slept during the "repair"

After the Dermabond- much better!
Re- bandaged and no more bleeding.


  1. Oh wow! You survived. Good job.

  2. Yikes! I am glad it wasn't any worse. But maybe you should but away the bagel knife just in case... ;)

  3. Hummm. Worse than I thought. Glad you are better now and called a good friend. Your mama might have been on the next flight . Kidding, just kidding I think.