Monday, December 10, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We were able to be home in Texas for a whole week over Thanksgiving!  I enjoyed eating Sushi with girls from work, shopping and wrapping all of our Christmas gifts, dates with just me and my hubby and spending time with family and friends.  We enjoyed our relaxing time and are looking forward to our return over Christmas!  Here are some pictures of our time at home!

 Pops and Piper (they have matching dimples)
 Billy and Grandmother Herd
 Cleaning the kitchen
  The men watching football
 Grandma Dortha

Brett, Piper, Kent and Kyle
The Grandpas
The table is set!
Kent, Seth and Piper playing
Papa with grandkid #3
Seth and Piper are 5 weeks apart.  Seth is trying to smile here.
Brett with our Sophie (who we have not brought to NY)
Mimi and Papa with their grandkids. 
The Rhodes Klan
The Fisher Klan
Piper with her Gammy (? not sure of her name yet)
Grandmother Herd snuggles with Seth

Our attempt at a cute picture copycat I saw on pinterest
Piper playing with Papa
 Visiting Grandmother Herd


  1. Thanks for the memories that you all made. Anxiously awaiting your visit for Christmas.

  2. It was a memorable Thanksgiving for sure! So glad you could be with us.

  3. What cute pictures! Holidays are so much fun with little ones around.