Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fun Facts

Interesting things I've noticed so far:

-Having a 7 week old baby is a great way to meet new people.  Everyone on the elevators or in the street stops and talks to us about Piper.  And of course they all think she is so cute!

-People in New York can be really nice.  People on the subway try to accommodate a couple with a stroller as much as possible by offering their seat and letting you get off before them.  They also hold doors open and smile at you and the baby.

-People in New York can be really rude.  They shout a lot, get in your way, cut in front of you and yell at you for trying to bring your stroller in a gym.

-All fashion styles seem to be acceptable.  This is good news to a postpartum mom who still can't fit into her stylish pre-baby clothes.  This also makes for interesting people watching.

-No matter how comfortable you think your shoes are, your feet will still hurt at the end of the day.  We are hoping our feet muscles adjust quickly to all the walking.

-Traveling on the subway in New York takes way longer with a stroller.  Elevators are not so easy to find and you look way less cool.

-There are a lot of Europeans that either live here or are on vacation.  We love to hear their accents and try to impersonate them! 

-Air Conditioning does not come standard in apartments.  And we are going to have to learn what having a radiator is all about.  Somehow this contraption heats our apartment?

-Honking loudly and for long sessions happens A LOT around here.  No quick, "Hey you might want to watch out" warning honk.  It's a, "Get a move on buddy I'm in a hurry and you are not moving quick enough" annoying honk.

-New York street hot dogs do not disappoint.  I love hot dogs.  I might be in trouble here.

-If you order water at restaurant, it will most likely come without ice.  I love ice in my drinks so I am having to remember to ask for water with ice.

-At restaurants the cashier asks, "To stay or to go?" instead of "For here or to go?". 

Brett and Piper waiting for the subway


  1. I love radiators. They are a great place to sit when your derrière is cold. Also a good place to drape wet gloves in the wintertime.

    Looking forward to a NY hot dog.

  2. "To stay or to go" just sounds so weird! :)